I realised where my life spiraled out of control

I realised when I began to grow hard 

I realised when I began to change 

It was so long ago now

I had not even noticed 

Until today 

When you were mentioned 

It has been so long

Since I have not brushed you under the dusty rug 

Of memories I need not remember 

With apathetic comments of how little I care 

But today I let you stay 

And I thought about what had happened 

And I realised that was when it all began 

When I lost hold 

When I started brushing life under the rug

Instead of sweeping it straight outside

Of my mind

To wonder else where

Under someone else’s rug

I let you fester for so long

When you were never worth it

And you made me so dirty

But today I realised

And today I cleaned the last of you away

May your scattered remains

Finally bring me peace  


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You were everything detestable 

You were what I couldn’t have 

You were all I avoided 

You were all my thoughts could comprehend 

You were beneath me 

You were too much 

You were my greatest indulgence 

You were my lush 


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You are


You are the calm and comfort of a lazy Sunday 

The taste of mint and man and ease 

With a touch reminisce of the suns glow upon the trees

Sacrosanct like the opening notes of my favourite song

I am mystified through the purple haze as the breeze rejoices your flight

And I tried to hold on to all that you are 

But you are water droplets through my quivering  hands 

So I have decided to turn you into words 

Powerful, strong and true, and all that is you

Because I can enjoy words, I can reflect upon words 

But words cannot bound me 

The way you once had me bound 


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